Only for girls!【Talk from Sweden】Techmeetup x Session

Sun, 22 Oct 2017 14:00 - 16:00

fabbit Otemachi

Tokyo Chiyoda Otemach 2-6-1


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※The event will be in English


What is your image of Sweden?
My image of it is beautiful, lots of nature and high welfare...
You may have a lot of image too, but Sweden has actually one of the biggest Startup community in the world.

Have you heard of Skype,Spotify, King? They are all started in Sweden.
We have a guest speaker from Stockholm who help StartupWeekend in Stockholm and she is going to talk about her activity and work.
There will be girls meetup afterward,
so please mingle with other girls to talk about your thoughts and find a friend you can talk about what you like.

⬛︎About Speaker

Sarah Samarra’e is building a world-class ecosystem for startups in Stockholm, Sweden. She integrated her career into the Swedish tech community since 2013, when Stockholm started to be promoted globally as the best tech hub in the world. She is either volunteer, co-organizer or organizer for all the Tech activities in Stockholm like Sthlm tech Fest, IoT Stockholm, Sweden Demo Day, and startup weekend, etc. Side by side Sarah is an activist in the “Students make Tech” and “Women in Tech” movements in Sweden.
Sarah is currently the Ambassador for the European Youth Parliament; where the aim is to integrate the young generation (especially females) of Sweden into the future leadership and prepare them to lead the country by guiding them into how to be tech leaders first; because problems can be solved with tech.

Sarah has been selected with other 29 students by Google as the best technical students in Scandinavia region 2016, she also won the best web services app at Spotify Tech challenge 2016 in Stockholm, during her studies she has been awarded four times through the competitions she contributed to; in robotics and computational engineering, like the best Implemented Robot award, the UN women award for best engineering female graduate, and best engineering project done by a female award at the Annual National Technology parade 2012.

Sarah holds a bachelor in Computer Engineering from Philadelphia University and a master in Computer science from Stockholm University. A former developer at Microsoft, now she is preparing to launch the new platform investments for Students projects and the new Women Incubation.

We have one more speaker who has her business in IT field!


This event is only for women.
This event will be mostly in English.

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