Startup Weekend Tokyo Ho Chi Minh@SHIFT ASIA

Fri, 19 Jan 2018 18:00 - Sun, 21 Jan 2018 21:00 JST


L18-14-15, Vincom Dong Khoi, 72 Le Thanh Ton and 45A Ly Tu Trong Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam


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We'll do it mainly in English.

(Facilitator will speak in English mainly.)

This page is for participants who live in Vietnum.

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Dinner at all of days(Fri, Sat,Sun) will be provided. Excluding Breakfast, Lunch and accommodation.

What is Startup Weekend Tokyo?

Startup Weekends are weekend-long, hands-on experiences where entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs can find out if startup ideas are viable. On average, half of Startup Weekend’s attendees have technical or design backgrounds, the other half have business backgrounds.

Beginning with open mic pitches on Friday, attendees bring their best ideas and inspire others to join their team. Over Saturday and Sunday teams focus on customer development, validating their ideas, practicing LEAN Startup Methodologies and building a minimal viable product. On Sunday evening teams demo their prototypes and receive valuable feedback from a panel of experts.

Call us biased, but we think that there are dozens of reasons why you should come to a Startup Weekend! Since we know your time is valuable, we’ll only list the top eight:

Startup Weekends are all about learning through the act of creating. Don’t just listen to theory, build your own strategy and test it as you go.

Build your network:
This isn’t just a happy-hour. Startup Weekend attracts your community’s best makers and do-ers. By spending a weekend working to build scalable companies that solve real-world problems, you will build long-lasting relationships and possibly walk away with a job or even an investor.

Co-Founder Dating:
We all know it’s not just about the idea – it’s about the team. Startup Weekend is hands down the best way to find someone you can actually launch a startup with.

Learn a new skill:
Step outside of your comfort zone. With a whole weekend dedicated to letting your creative juices flow, Startup Weekends are perfect opportunities to work on a new platform, learn a new programming language, or just try something different.

Actually launch a business:
Over 36% of Startup Weekend startups are still going strong after 3 months. Roughly 80% of participants plan on continuing working with their team or startup after the weekend.

Get face time with thought leaders:
Local tech and startup leaders participate in Startup Weekends as coaches and judges. Get some one-on-one time with the movers and shakers in your community.

Save money & get stuff:
Your ticket covers seven meals, snack, access to exclusive resources from our sponsors, and of course, all the coffee you can drink.

Join a global community:
Join over 45,000 Startup Weekend alumni, all on a mission to change the world.

Kozi Kitano

CEO, Zabuton / VP, Atware / OKR Japan
Leader, Agile process congress
- Motto : Provide a pleasure for working style of all people
- Co-development "AI for professionals" with Mr.Okamoto / Mr. Sato, licensed social consultants
- Also join to

Osamu Suzuki

2014 - Present : Executive, SHIFT
2013 - Present : Founder / CEO, TOMORROW COMPANY Inc.,
2011- : Manager, HR development, GREE
2004 -: HR manager, CEO of affiliates, CyberAgent

Shingo Hayashi

2017- Head of Influencer Marketing Department :AdAsia Holdings
2015- Head of Global Partnership Development :iCare Benefits
2011- General Director :Terra Motors Vietnam

Takeshiko Seki

Director/G.A.Consultants Vietnam Co.,Ltd
Start living in Vietnam since 2005 for establishing recruiting agency - VieclamBank.
Seki has strong passion to bridge between Japan and Vietnam as well as support startups and business development in SEA countries.
Initiated setting up office in Yangon and Jakarta, Seki goes around those offices and currently preparing setting up office in Hong Kong.

Hui Woon Tan

Founder & Managing Partner, Alley 51 Ventures
Founder & Board of Director, The Purpose Group

In a span of 11 years, Hui Woon has worn several hats as Strategist Marketeer, Business Consultant, Entrepreneur and Investor. Her first venture in Vietnam 7 years back began as a consulting firm, where she worked closely with startup CEOs and Founders ranging from F&B, FMCG, real estate and retail to tap into new market and business opportunties. Hence when founding Mash and The Purpose Group in 2013, she dedicated herself with a bold vision: changing the game of brand-building through unconventional yet purposeful solutions and campaigns. She currently heads Strategy and Innovation in The Purpose Group.

Most recently she founded Alley 51 Ventures, an up-and-coming Venture Builder that aims to rapidly build startups that aren’t only profitable but exists to solve hard problems in SEA and emerging markets. At Alley 51 Ventures, Hui Woon focuses on empowering young entrepreneurs and strengthening the Vietnam startup ecosystem.

Prior to Vietnam, Hui Woon worked in Procter & Gamble Malaysia and ASEAN hub in Thailand. She then spearheaded her own fashion E-commerce startup which she exited 3 years later.

In her spare time, she squeezes every opportunity to connect and mentor Vietnamese youths, entrepreneurs, young visionaries and anyone crazy enough trying to change the world. She’s currently serving as Board of Advisor for AIESEC in HCMC.

Hui Woon graduated with honors from University of Technology, Malaysia with a Bachelor in Chemical Engineering.

Adrian Tan

Adrian Tan was an Entrepreneur-in-residence at JFDI Asia, the first tech accelerator in SEA.
He has mentored over 300 startup teams and 1000 tech founders ranging from India, Vietnam, Australia, Malaysia, the Phillipines, and more.

Recently, Adrian moved to Vietnam and join Vietnam Innovative Startup Accelerator (VIISA) as its program director.
VIISA will invest $8m into building global startups in Vietnam over the next 5 years in a partnership of BIDV Securities, FPT, Dragon Capital and Hanwha Investment. Starting in Ho Chi Minh City, it aims to help local and foreign entrepreneurs build high growth tech companies with help from our corporate partners, access to mentors and Southeast Asia focused investors. Applications are open at with the first batch starting in December 2016

Kenichi Shiarakawa

2015 Founder, Techbase Vietnam
2010 Support for CTO
2001 Software Development of wallet, Auction, Shopping, Travel, Yahoo!Japan
1996 Educated from Kansai University

Yasushi Nakagawa

2018 Planning to invest for business area of hotel and food
2017 Buyout Vietnam Creative Consulting Co., Ltd., owned company, for LIFULL
Business incubator for Southen-east asia and Soviet
2005 Japanese Startup founder
Born in 1986.


Takuto Nakamoto
A facilitator at various NPO / Education company
Graduated from Kobe University.

I make an eco-system of entrepreneurs not only in all Japan but in the world.
Joined various project related with disaster reconstruction, region vitalization, support for oversea expansions.


Eriko Nonaka
FinTech Business Development, Japanese mobile carrier comany
A lead organizer of Startup Weekend Tokyo FinTech, Travel, Kita-Kyusyu

Graduated from Rikkyo University.Ex-banker, changed my job for new business developer in this year.
About two years ago, I attended to Startup Weekend Tokyo Education at the first time because I expected to build my own business related with English education for Japanese.
My interest for cross-bother business has been increasing, so joined to SWT cebu as a main organizer.
Now Joined to SWT Ho-chi-min because I visited a relative who live there and have an interest for Vietnum.

Atsushi Kawamura
Representative director in CROSLAN Inc. , Representative Director in SEIWA SEKKEI VIETNAM

Graduated from Kobe University, Faculty of intercultural Studies.
When I was a student, I studied abroad at Ho Chi Minh City University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Vietnam and mastered Vietnamese. After three years of engineer at an IT company, I started my business.
Currently, while supporting Japanese companies' business development in Vietnam, I engage in the development of new business such as own web services and IoT agriculture.
More than 90% of the year, I stay in Ho Chi Minh city.

Manami Kameoka
Carrier consultant as self-employee
Experienced as a banker, consultant, security company etc
Live beyond two nations, Indonesia and Kyoto.


Jan. 19(Fri) Jan. 20(Sat) Jan. 21(Sun)
18:00 Open 10:00 Open 10:00 Open
18:30 Dinner & Networking 12:00 Lunch 13:00 Lunch
19:00 Introduction 13:00 Mentoring 15:00 Last presentation setup
20:00 1 minute pitches 18:00 Dinner 15:30 Tech Check
20:30 Discussion & Voting 21:00 End of day 17:00 Final Presentations
21:00 Building Teams 19:00 Judging
22:00 End of evening 19:30 Party Time!
21:30 Time to go home!

Please let us email via doorkeeper to cancel, Cancellation fee will pay back if you tell us until 23:55 JST, Dec 31st

■ Startup Weekend "Text Book" on "1 minute Idea Pitch" by Dave McClure
(You will see link to the original Dave McClure text )

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