Startup Weekend Tokyo Web3

Fri, 24 Nov 2023 18:30 - Sun, 26 Nov 2023 21:00 JST

Digital Garage, Crypto Cafe & Bar

Sibuya, Tokyo


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3 days participation / Ultra Early Bird ¥5,000 prepaid
3 days participation / Early Bird ¥6,500 prepaid
3 days participation / Regular ¥9,000 prepaid
3 days participation / Junior Student ¥4,000 prepaid
3 days participation / student ¥8,000 prepaid
Sunday Only Audience + Party ¥2,500 prepaid


◆Shall we create the future with web3 and Token Economics?

The term "the winter age of web3" is often heard, but winter can also be seen as a time for accumulating strength for the spring.

Web3 technology, which harbors the potential to pave the way for the future, can be said to be an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurship from here on out.

What exactly is entrepreneurship?
What's the difference between startups and venture companies?
Resolve such questions through this event and turn them into new motivation!
Techstars STARTUP WEEKEND, which started in the United States in 2007, has been held over 7000 times all over the world, with more than 500,000 participants.

This time, let's explore new possibilities with web3 as the theme!

◆What is Techstars Startup Weekend?


Techstars Startup Weekend(SW) is Startup experience event to make new way to grow up the business.
You will learn various methods about converting your ideas to your business and experience "real entrepreneurships"

At first night, participants will pitch each ideas and find Hacker/Designer/Hustler to make your ideal team.
The team will make MVP Business Model and try high-speed PDCA cycle to make a persuasive business plan until 16:00 on last day.
Mainly, Hacker is developing business function, Designer is creating UX design, and Hustler is managing and find potential customers.

No need to have specific skills, your ideas and teamwork are important!
If you do not have any specific business ideas, you can still join in as engineers, designers, marketers etc.

_※Most of the participants are solo.Do not worry if you participate in this kind of business event for the first time _

※Facilitation is processed by Japanese. If you need a translator, please consult us.


1.キャンセルポリシー/Cancel policy
100% refund until 2023/11/7 Fri. 23:55.
After this time, we are afraid we can not take your cancel offer because of preparation of meals.

2.途中参加退出可!/ Come in and out anytime
3 days full participant is desired, but you can join or leave in the middle of the event.

3.領収書発行はオンラインで / Receipt issue via DoorKeeper
Receipt can be issued by doorkeeper.Please follow this link.

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